July 25, 2015

MTG Arabian Nights Booster Packs – $350-$500

Price and Value:

Arabian Nights boosters are exceedingly rare and it’s tough to find one less than $300 these days (and often closer to the $500-range). Searching Ebay is for an Arabian booster pack is probably going your best bet.

As of writing this article, Troll and Toad, Star City Games, and other top retailers are all out of stock.

The expected value in regard to high, mean, and low is $330.43, $250.42, and $213.19 respectively based on TCG Player.

That said, there simply isn’t a large quantity of cards available on most of the large retailers, so these are variable and you’ll want to consult Ebay once again to get a better picture of current values.

Unless the popularity of the game decreases significantly, the increasing scarcity of packs due to the small print run of the set should keep packs valuable.

Check out the spreadsheet:

Bazaar of BaghdadArabian NightsUN/A433.11N/A
Library of AlexandriaArabian NightsU399.99384.25368.5
Juzam Djinn2BBArabian NightsR279227.5189.39
Diamond ValleyArabian NightsU300156.09114.99
ShahrazadWWArabian NightsR76.9954.9945.99
Mountain (Arabian Nights)Arabian NightsC79.9872.2547.49
Guardian Beast3BArabian NightsR70.9762.3949.85
Ali from Cairo2RRArabian NightsR65.9941.1136.71
Old Man of the Sea1UUArabian NightsR65.9948.539
Drop of HoneyGArabian NightsR65.9946.4738.99
City of BrassArabian NightsU89.9858.5547
Serendib Efreet2UArabian NightsR49.9832.2129.91
JihadWWWArabian NightsR4428.5425.64
Island of Wak-WakArabian NightsR49.9543.8136.09
Singing Tree3GArabian NightsR39.9819.9916.19
Erhnam Djinn3GArabian NightsR35.9724.9516.21
Ifh-Bíff Efreet2GGArabian NightsR34.7514.0310.95
Elephant GraveyardArabian NightsR4930.2423.39
Ring of Ma'ruf5Arabian NightsR27.6717.0612.99
Khabál Ghoul2BArabian NightsU26.9816.9210.45
Serendib Djinn2UUArabian NightsR24.9818.4112.75
City in a Bottle2Arabian NightsR19.9812.299.7
Oubliette [Version 2]1BBArabian NightsC17.989.577.5
Pyramids6Arabian NightsR16.989.995.99
Oubliette1BBArabian NightsC16.9810.257
Sorceress Queen1BBArabian NightsU15.988.034.5
King Suleiman1WArabian NightsR12.737.65.6
Junún Efreet1BBArabian NightsR124.73.23
Aladdin2RRArabian NightsR11.986.294.5
Ydwen EfreetRRRArabian NightsR10.998.626.95
Aladdin's Lamp42129Arabian NightsR10.985.463.5
Stone-Throwing Devils [Version 2]BArabian NightsC9.983.661.3
Aladdin's Ring8Arabian NightsR9.864.53.23
Rukh Egg [Version 2]3RArabian NightsC8.983.362.37
Mijae DjinnRRRArabian NightsR8.984.462.88
Desert Twister4GGArabian NightsU8.985.043.79
Ali BabaRArabian NightsU8.981.891.49
Kird ApeRArabian NightsC7.783.792
Dancing Scimitar4Arabian NightsR7.184.552.99
Army of Allah [Version 2]1WWArabian NightsC6.982.11.19
Abu Ja'farWArabian NightsU6.983.372.2
El-Hajjâj1BBArabian NightsR6.153.462.5
Bottle of Suleiman4Arabian NightsR5.993.42.19
Island Fish Jasconius4UUUArabian NightsR5.993.492
Jandor's Ring6Arabian NightsR5.992.731.79
Repentant Blacksmith1WArabian NightsR4.982.511.79
Ebony Horse3Arabian NightsR4.982.381.8
Eye for an EyeWWArabian NightsU4.982.432.04
Merchant ShipUArabian NightsU4.982.661.89
Wyluli Wolf [Version 2]1GArabian NightsC4.981.651.07
Rukh Egg3RArabian NightsC4.752.380.94
Stone-Throwing DevilsBArabian NightsC4.532.581.25
Brass Man1Arabian NightsU4.392.160.8
Jandor's Saddlebags2Arabian NightsR4.392.812.03
Flying Carpet4Arabian NightsU3.981.740.89
Magnetic Mountain1RRArabian NightsU3.981.390.71
Sandals of Abdallah4Arabian NightsU3.642.011.34
Flying MenUArabian NightsC3.51.320.47
Army of Allah1WWArabian NightsC3.491.91.34
Cuombajj WitchesBBArabian NightsC3.480.710.35
Cyclone2GGArabian NightsU3.291.71.07
Jeweled Bird1Arabian NightsU3.291.561
Sindbad1UArabian NightsU3.011.850.68
Wyluli Wolf1GArabian NightsC2.990.860.25
Piety [Version 2]2WArabian NightsC2.980.670.35
Giant Tortoise [Version 2]1UArabian NightsC2.980.660.2
Fishliver Oil [Version 2]1UArabian NightsC2.60.520.19
Fishliver Oil1UArabian NightsC2.250.450.2
War Elephant [Version 2]3WArabian NightsC2.240.820.29
OasisArabian NightsU4.982.090.98
Unstable MutationUArabian NightsC20.590.24
Giant Tortoise1UArabian NightsC1.560.460.23
War Elephant3WArabian NightsC1.550.540.23
Piety2WArabian NightsC1.50.440.2
Ghazbán OgreGArabian NightsC1.480.690.39
CamelWArabian NightsC1.330.630.25
Moorish Cavalry2WWArabian NightsC1.180.460.2
Naf's AspGArabian NightsC1.170.420.2
Moorish Cavalry [Version 2]2WWArabian NightsC1.150.540.23
Erg Raiders1BArabian NightsC1.150.590.39
Naf's Asp (Light)GArabian NightsC1.010.430.18
Hasran Ogress (Light)BBArabian NightsC1.010.410.2
Bird Maiden [Version 2]2RArabian NightsC1.010.460.23
Hurr JackalRArabian NightsC1.010.390.24
MetamorphosisGArabian NightsC1.010.320.22
DandânUUArabian NightsC1.010.380.16
Desert Nomads2RArabian NightsC1.010.40.2
Bird Maiden2RArabian NightsC10.430.23
Erg Raiders [Version 2]1BArabian NightsC0.990.60.24
Hasran OgressBBArabian NightsC0.980.360.2
SandstormGArabian NightsC0.820.420.15
DesertArabian NightsC2.190.80.4

Why buy Arabian Nights?

Key Cards:

Arabian Nights has approximately 10 cards that are valued over $50 on the high end. Top picks will be:

Juzam Djinn – A crips, new Juzam should get you over $200 these days. Plus, this is a longtime favorite and has, in my humble opinion, one of the coolest pieces of comical art in the game.

Bazaar of Baghdad – This beauty is worth over $400 on the top side.

Library of Alexandria – Worth easily over $200, the Library is such a powerful card. Card draw or mana for a land?

The short answer is that this is one of the top five most valuable sets of ALL time and is unique as the first real expansion. In fact, it was originally designed to be a separate game from regular Magic!

Many of the cards re on the Reserved List and will never be reprinted.

While a few years ago, there were almost always a few auctions going on, I’ve noticed that in 2015, we’re seeing fewer and fewer packs being listed and the price is definitely becoming more variable. (For this reason, I think it’s worth considering as an investment if you’re a collector!)

Want another reason why to buy AN? What about because it’s hella fun to open vintage packs :P.

Tell me you don’t get excited checking out the opening below:

History and Key Stats

Total Cards: 5 Million

Release: Revised was released officially in December 1993.

The set only consisted of 78 different cards with 26 commons, 52 uncommons, and no “rares.” The uncommons were further classified into four classifications, with Uncommon 2 (U2, not the band!) being the most valuable and rare. Printed on sheets that contained a total of 141 cards, there were 33 U2s, which mean they comprise approximately 23% of the printed population.