December 24, 2016

3 Perfect Gifts for Magic the Gathering Players

Looking for the perfect gift for a Magic: The Gathering player? Here is what you need to know.

Magic: The Gathering is a card game that has been around since the early 1990s. Also known as Magic or MTG, the game is played with two or more players in person or online. Magic: The Gathering has gained millions of players around the world and constantly changes through the addition of new cards and expansion sets.

Magic was the first game to be sold in randomized card sets, and that is how cards continue to be sold today. Part of the excitement of playing Magic is opening up a new pack of cards to see if there are any particularly rare or powerful cards inside. The one little pack of cards you give as a gift may contain a potent card worth hundreds of dollars.

Gameplay consists of players creating decks of sixty or more cards based on five different types of magic attributes represented by colors. White cards provide protection spells and affect all cards equally. Blue cards allow players to manipulate the cards: drawing extras cards, controlling an opponent’s cards, and more. Black cards are powerful but require sacrifices to work. Red cards are fast and capable of destruction. Green cards help other cards by boosting their power.

One of the most fun parts of Magic is designing different decks to focus on different cards’ capabilities. If you are looking for a gift for a Magic: The Gathering player, you may want to think about what types of cards best fit their personality type, what color cards they want to build their decks around, and what types of lore and storytelling they enjoy most.

1) The Eerie Mythos of Eldritch Moon – Fat Pack ($30)

A Fat Pack is a great gift for any player! At only around $30, this comes with 9 booster packs as well as land that will be needed.

Each card expansion set tells a story and adds to the mythology surrounding the game. They also each include cards that fit within each category of magic. The Eldritch Moon expansion, one of the two most recent expansions, will make a great gift for the gamer who loves tales of dark magic and battles against evil.

This set adds 205 cards to the game as it weaves its tale of dark magic. Monsters rule the land and battles rage. The undead rise and attack the living. Cards include some hopeful crusaders like the Faithbearer Paladin and Selfless Spirit, creatures who use duty, obligation, and self-sacrifice to live in the terrifying mythos of the Eldritch Moon world. Other cards include Cultists, Maniacs, Identity Thieves, and even Collective Brutality and Certain Death. Whether playing for righteousness or all-out aggression, players will be able to find something in this expansion that fits their playing styles.

The Eldritch Moon set also introduces new abilities that change gameplay. Included in these abilities are meld cards, which can work together, and the emerge function, which allows certain monsters to burst forth from other monsters, just as the undead burst forth from the earth in its lore.

2) Inventing in the Markets of Kaladesh – Bundle ($43)

Kaladesh is the second recent expansion pack, and it adds 264 new cards to the game. More lighthearted, the Kaladesh story revolves around the Inventors’ Fair. In this set, characters are more likely to come together to work against greater threats than to divide or use dark magic.

In this expansion, you will find cards in a steampunk bazaar setting. Most common are cards relating to machinery or fierce animals. You will find cards like the Puzzleknots and Dragsters, tools used to create and innovate new ways of battling. You will also find the Filigree Familiar, Narnam Cobra, and Gearseeker Serpent, large mythic animals that give a sense of being in a setting like The Jungle Book.

In fitting with its inventor theme, the Kaladesh set involves a “create” rule change and the “fabricate” ability, both of which allow an extra degree of creation and transformation when using cards with them.

Three Types of Card Sets

There are several different types of card sets you can purchase to build up a deck. Each set comes packaged with cards from the same expansion, so if you buy an Eldritch Moon booster pack, you can expect it to have all Eldritch Moon cards inside. The smallest kind of set is a booster pack, which has fifteen cards inside. Of these cards, at least one will be “rare” or “mythic rare.” This means that the card is harder to find and will be marked differently to represent this. Booster packs can also contain a “premium foil card,” which is a card that has a glossy appearance.

Players looking to collect many cards from a particular expansion may prefer a fat pack. A fat pack comes with nine booster packs, which means that you get a full 135 surprise cards. It also comes with seventy basic lands cards, which are one of the main sources of mana in the game, and ten checklist cards, which are used for melding. A fat pack also comes with a Player’s Guide, which will show pictures of all of the cards in the set and help collectors to see what they have and what they are missing. On top of all that, it also includes two full deck boxes and a special-edition life counter.

Even better, for the holidays each year, there is a special promotion for gift boxes full of cards from recent sets. You can purchase a booster display box, which will usually contain thirty-six booster packs. While supplies last, if you buy a whole booster box of Kaladesh or Eldritch Moon cards in a store, you can receive a promotional card not found anywhere else. Some may also come with bonus packs of rare cards!

Whatever needs or interests you are striving to reach, there is an expansion and a card set for every gamer!

For the remaining recommendations, see the suggestions below!