January 2, 2018

2018 Gifts Guide for Magic: The Gathering Players and Fans

It’s 2018 and you need to find out what to get Magic The Gathering fans as gifts this year. Whether it’s the holidays or a birthday, your little brother or your boyfriend, all you know is that it’s a card game. You also know this player probably has binders and boxes of cards, and your not sure what they could possibly still need.

What are you going to do? How do you make sure you get something they will like and use?

Comic on buying gifts for magic the gathering fans

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Don’t worry. We’ll answer all these questions and more in our popular guide, updated for 2018!

In a hurry and have a lot of love—and money—for your your Magic fan?

Our best recommendation is to simply buy a booster box.

It’s hard to disappoint anyone with a box containing 36 booster packs, which effectively serve as “mini-presents.” Trust us… opening these never gets old!

If you’re looking for something in a different range though, keep reading, and we encourage you to check out our unique gifts below!

How to Find the Best Magic Gift

From accessories to cards, there are gifts for every budget. This year we also added a unique gifts for Magic: The Gathering category where you can find custom wooden boxes and more.

We believe the best gifts are unexpected, useful, and help bring people together. They usually include some combination of things players often buy as well as things they need but might not normally buy for themselves.

Throughout the article, we offer a few checklists to highlight features, like which are the “safest” bets and the level of experience players need to enjoy these.

Mixing-and-matching is encouraged, since great gifts have both an element of necessity (dice, accessories) and surprise (boosters and original playmats).

We love writing about MTG presents because hopefully they lead to more hours of fun actually playing the game with friends and family.

If you really want to make things special, offer learning to play and try out a hand or two with whomever you are buying for.

Even if you end up frustrated and confused, they will appreciate the effort. The best case scenario is that you find a new hobby as well! Regardless, fans will appreciate the effort.

Ready to explore other options? Great—Let’s get started!

Stocking Stuffers Under $20

Booster Packs (Around $3.99)

One inexpensive gift for the Magic: The Gathering fans on your gift list is a booster pack.

A booster pack is a great choice for pretty much any Magic fan. Each pack contains at least fifteen cards. It’s easy to get multiple packs from different Magic sets – that way your friends get several cards that are all different.

In a booster pack there are ten common, three uncommon, and one rare or mythic rare card. Every players favorite part of tearing open a new pack is seeing what rare or mythic they received. The last card is a land or foil card.

Bonus tip: Ask them what rare they got- They will probably be impressed you know there is such a thing! If it’s a foil, even better.

Rare Booster Packs ($7 – $10)

If you really want to surprise a fan, consider mixing in one Iconic or Modern Masters booster pack. These $10 packs aren’t cheap, but for good reason: They feature re-prints of some of the rarest and most popular cards that all players love!

Don’t be afraid to mix-and-match a few packs as well. Opening packs never gets old… no matter how old you might be.

TCGPlayer is another place you can find packs from hundreds of sellers, and there are sometimes great deals on older sets.

Booster Summary

✓ Affordable
✓ Good for mix & match
✓ For new and experienced players
✓ “Safe” choice (Any player will love a pack!)

Dice (Around $10.00)

Every Magic: The Gathering fan needs dice. Even if the Magic fan on your gift list already has dice, don’t worry. No one can have too many dice. Seriously. No one. If you think he/she already has too many dice, consider getting a dice box to help with organization.

You should keep in mind that Magic dice aren’t six sided like you’d use in a game of Yahtzee. Dice that Magic fans use are typically twenty sided. They can be ten sided, eight sided, or twelve sided.

A complete dice set will usually offer a wide range of dice – not just one type. Awesome Dice and Chessex both offer dice sets in a variety of colors and patterns. You can also find a dice bag or a dice box for your Magic fan.

Card Sleeves (Around $10.00)

In order to fully protect Magic: The Gathering cards, sleeves are completely necessary. Three of the best sleeve types offered are manufactured by Legion, Star City Games, and Dragon Shield Sleeves.

Dragon Shield sleeves are typically considered to be the best. However, players rarely complain about cards manufactured by any of these companies.

Buying card sleeves can be a little tricky. Why? Because sleeves come in different sizes and amounts. Both size and count are equally important. If you decide to buy sleeves for the Magic: The Gathering fans, you must do two things.

First, make sure the sleeves are approximately 67mm by 92mm. Second, pay attention to the number of sleeves sold in each pack. Most packs come with fifty sleeves – and very few packs come with a hundred sleeves.

Since a Magic: The Gathering deck has anywhere from sixty to one hundred cards, you’ll probably need to purchase at least two packs.

Card Sleeve Summary

✓ Affordable
✓ Always useful
✓ Best to get at least 2 packs
✓ “Safe” choice

Gifts for $20 to $50 Dollars

Deck Builder’s Toolkit (Around $19.99)

Though not perfect for more experienced players, Deck Builder kits are a great for new players. In this nifty little kit, there are four booster packs, one hundred and twenty common and uncommon cards, five rare cards, and a hundred lands.

The Deck Builder’s Toolkit also comes with a guide to creating decks –  and the box can be used for storage.

Toolkit Summary

✓ Affordable
✓ Best for new players

Gift Box (Around $25)

Many new sets will be released throughout 2018, and one of the easiest gifts is, literally, a gift box! These gift boxes contain five booster packs, a premium foil card, card dividers, and lands.

At the time of writing this article, the only gift box available is the Kaladesh Gift Box. Kaladesh is the name of a recently released card set. However, more should be available in the future.

A gift box is a great place for your Magic fan to store their cards or decks. Having three or four gift boxes can create a home for an entire collection.


Playmat (Around $21.99)

Playmats are the “flare” of the Magic: The Gathering world. They signal the players personality and style and are the most visible artwork when you’re playing the game.

Playmats also get a lot of use! They are often folder and unfolded and start to show wear overtime. (They tend to get their fair share of spills if the fan in your life enjoys snacks and beverages when playing…) For these reasons, I think playmats are not only useful, but they need to be replaced over time, which makes them a great gift idea.

These playmats can help protect cards and give your fan a designated place to play with their cards.

There are a large variety of play mats to choose from. Check out official Ultra-PRO mats here. For play mats with a little more spunk, check out Star City Games. While you can spend more than $100 for custom pieces, there are still many affordable options.

Playmat Summary

✓ Affordable
✓ For new and experienced players
✓ “Safe” choice
✓ Best if you know the player’s style and/or favorite colors, etc.

Bundle Box (Around $42.99)

Is your Magic: The Gathering fan artistic or creative? If so, a bundle box is the right call.

A bundle box is such a unique gift because it includes a complete visual guide. This visual guide includes all cards, stories, and artwork for the Magic set. Inside each bundle there are ten booster packs, eighty land cards, two deck boxes, and a spindown life counter.

The most recent sets with available bundle packs are Kaladesh and Aether Revolt. However, more may be available in the future.

The box that comes with the bundle box can be used for storage – and is always visually appealing. This can help with your Magic: The Gathering fan’s collection organization.

Gifts $100 and Up

Booster Boxes with 36 packs! (Around $99.99)

What’s better than opening a present on Christmas day? How about opening 36 booster packs!

Regardless of the occasion, this makes one of the absolute best Magic The Gathering gifts you can give. It’s 36 small bundles of joy ready to feed someone’s cardboard addiction.

Before you go purchasing a booster box though, you might want to sneak around and see what packs they have been buying. This could be a clue as to what box they would most like to open on this special occasion.

If done correctly, the look on his or her face will be completely worth it. A booster box includes thirty-six booster packs. This is a great gift for anyone trying to grow their collection.

✓ Contains 36 individual packs
✓ Good if you know what sets they collect, but not required
✓ “Safe” choice

Unique Magic the Gathering Gifts

Wyrmwood Custom Cherry Wood Deck Box ($100+)

wyrmwood custom wood box gaming cards

Image by Wyrmwood Gaming.

This is truly a unique gift idea that will definitely wow the Magic player in your life.

The team at Wyrmwood gaming has been developing gorgeous custom boxes for years now, and they have perfected this art. This is one of those products that will feel high-quality and well-made.

Not only do these come with suede backing, but they’re designed to hold 100 cards, with double-sleeves!

Our biggest recommendation though is to order early if you can as these can sometimes need to be back-ordered due to popularity as well as the time it takes the team at Wyrmwood to put these together.

It’s best to make sure, however, that you know which colors/mana the player in your life prefers. You don’t want to get a blue box for a red player! (Of course, you could always get more than one!)

This will truly be a show-stopper gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend.

✓ Limited quantity; Order earliest to guarantee availability
✓ “Safe” choice
✓ Recommend you know what color/deck type player prefers
✓ World-class quality

Titanium Dragon’s Breath 20-Sided Dice & Steel Case ($70+)

titanium 20-sided dice set with steel case

Image from Artisan Dice.

We mentioned Dice previously in the article, but we didn’t mention custom-cut, titanium steel dice!

These are a show-stopper and super fun to roll, especially if you’re playing in the right lighting.

These are a very well-reviewed set of dice, and the team at Artisan Dice offers either a steel case or a stunning cedar box for storage, which makes the gift piece all the more fun since it comes pre-wrapped in this sense.

Not sure about these? Artisan also has a variety of other pieces, including gorgeous wooden and stone die.

Original Art Playmat By MTG Artist ($90+)

ralph horsely custom playmat

Image by Ralph Horsley.

This one has to take the proverbial cake for “coolest.” (Bonus points if you’re getting this as a birthday present for someone!)

This is a sharpie-drawn playmat by iconic British fantasy and Magic: The Gathering artist, Ralph Horsley.

Other artists also sell these from time-to-time, but you have to do some searching to find. The search will be worth it though when you can tell your loved ones that this is an original, one-of-a-kind piece by someone who has helped create the game.

While Magic The Gathering gifts aren’t all cheap, they will help bring players more hours of fun in a hobby that has had many lifelong fans.

Keep all of these ideas in mind while shopping for your Magic: The Gathering related gifts. And good luck!

  • GeorgeDubya

    Warning – Artisan Dice is a shady company that has not fulfilled pledges from a Kickstarter from almost 5 years ago. They refuse to communicate with their Kickstarter backers at this point, going as far as deleting requests for an update and blocking people from Facebook. They raised over a quarter of a million dollars from their backers, and have not fulfilled all of their obligations to us. There are also stories of dice orders taking eight or more months when simply ordered from their site.

    I highly recommend not supporting a business that treats its customers so poorly.

    • mzbrink

      Alternative: I’ve had a few very positive experiences with Metallic Dice Games. Anybody who has misgivings about going through Artisan Dice should give MDG a shot.